At Aestanbul, with the latest and highest technology (FUE, DHI, Robotic DHI and other patented techniques), we present realistic, permanent and guaranteed solutions for each hair loss cases.

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WARNING: Everyone is unique. This means that the treatment length, planning and results may be different for yourself. The information you see here are is the resulting average from a large range of samples. You can contact us for more detailed information via +90 545 948 19 01

Number of Sessions/Operations 1
Operation Length 6-8 hours
Anaesthetic Local anaesthesia
Discomfort Period None
Return to work Immediate
Full Recovery 10 days
Permanence of Results Permanent
Length of Hospital Stay

All Inclusive - The latest techniques

%100 Painless

First Aesthetic Hospital in the World

Hair transplant without shaving

Patented and Guaranteed Techniques

Life-time Warranty

DHI Plus Gold

The DHI Plus Gold hair transplant technique requires the use of a patented tool to implant each hair, one at a time into the scalp without the need for any incisions. With this technique, complication risk is low.

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In FUE, there is no excision but instead, a punch is used to extract follicular units (each with 2-5 hair follicles) and these extracted hairs are then implanted into the recipient areas.

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Painless Hair Transplantation

With Painless Hair Transplantation method, the implantations are been performed with a robot, in shorter time and with more graft numbers without damaging the hair’s follicles compared to the other techniques.

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Sapphire Percutaneous Technique

This is a special method used in a limited number of clinics across the globe, mainly in America. Rather than into slits, the hair follicles are transplanted into three-dimensional channels created with very fine needles.

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Hair Transplant Without Shaving

The extraction of donor material from the back of the head takes place without the necessity of shortening the entire area. Thus, the procedure contributes to maintaining the integrity of the hair follicles by means with the use of low - RPM micro punch.

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Hair Mesotherapy

Hair mesotherapy is one of the most known and performed hair-related treatments in clinics. Before being performed, hair thermotherapy, where the hair is softened with ozonised steam, and a special head message are required.

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At Aestanbul, we provide the best solutions to you for feeling better. With our experienced and international validity expert doctors, we offer a life-time warranty with the highest standarts services for all your aesthetic needs from hair transplantation to dental surgeries, from the rhinoplasty to liposuction without sacrificing quality.

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At our full-fledged and 5 stars hospital, you will be hosted with modern medical equipments and friendly personals. The hospital launched in 2010, it has been constructed on 6.000 m2 area all dedicated for beauty.

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By means of the medical centre’s creativity, hospitalization rooms design was inspired from cities all around the world to make the patient feels as he was at home. Private rooms equipped with telephones and internet is designed with 2 floors for the comfort of the patient and companions.

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Say “hello” to the brand new you! We receive you at the airport by luxury vehicle and you are hosted in central located modern hotels. During your trip you will find yourself at home with our hospitality and care.